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Example headless content management system (platforms)

There are several headless content management systems available, each with its unique features and strengths. Some notable examples of headless CMS platforms include:


Known for its flexibility and ease of use, Contentful allows users to create, manage, and distribute content to any platform or device. It provides a robust API-first approach, enabling developers to build and customise their frontend applications using various programming languages and frameworks.


Strapi is an open-source headless CMS that offers a customisable content management experience. It provides an intuitive admin panel for content creation and a RESTful or GraphQL API for fetching content. Strapi's flexibility makes it popular among developers looking for a self-hosted, customisable solution.


Prismic is a user-friendly headless CMS that emphasises content reuse and localisation. It offers a visual editor for content creation and an API for fetching content, making it easy to manage content across different languages and platforms.

Kentico Kontent

Kentico Kontent provides a cloud-based headless CMS solution with a focus on collaboration and content organisation. It offers content modelling tools, content versioning, and multichannel content delivery through APIs.


Sanity is a real-time collaborative headless CMS that uses a structured content approach. It provides a customisable content studio for content creation and editing and offers APIs for content retrieval, enabling developers to create unique frontend experiences


Storyblok offers a visual editor for creating and managing content while providing a headless CMS backend. It emphasises a visual approach to content creation and offers a customisable API for delivering content to different platforms.


DatoCMS is a flexible headless CMS with a focus on ease of use. It offers a robust content editor, customisable APIs, and features like role-based permissions and localisation for managing content across different regions.

These platforms vary in terms of features, pricing models, scalability, and ease of use, so it's essential to assess the specific requirements of a project before choosing a headless CMS.

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